ISCOM - Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione

New Generation Infrastructures and Devices

In the last years Europe, and in general the World, is facing a massive economic crisis. On the other hand, telecommunications as well as broadband technologies/infrastructures are day by day increasing their impact on the society. This is an important signal now and become fundamental, in a public private logical approach, to boost and speed up the wheel restarting the economy. From 2002, well before the crisis, the European Commission started to focus its interest in the wide bandwidth diffusion like a key factor to increase the economic trend trusting that the presence of wide bandwidth internet connections can represent a fundamental condition for the growth of the electronic market and the occupation in all the economy European sectors.

The High Institute of Communication and Information Technology, ISCOM, is a research and technical body of the Italian Communication Ministry whose aim is a deeply involvement in the area of standardization, research and services applications in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technologies. Within ISCOM and in the previously depicted scenario, the Division II is working and is involved at 360° on the next telecommunications challenges: from broad band Passive Optical Networks (PON) to free space optical communications (FSO) and from economic to energy consumption studies. Under the supervision of the ISCOM Director, the Division II signed agreements with the major Italian Universities and International research centers like: University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, University of Rome “Roma Tre”, University of Rome “Sapienza”, University of Palermo, the Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT – Aveiro), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the National Institute of communications (NICT - Tokio), Pisa Research Center (CNIT), University of Padova (DEI), National Institute of Nuclear Phisics (INFN). In the framework of agreement with the Universities of Rome Tor Vergata and Roma Tre, ISCOM – Division II is funding PhD and Researchers positions to increase the quality of its expertises and knowledge.

The Division II, in particular has a full time access to an experimental deployed cable between Rome and Pomezia (about 25 Km one way far from Rome), a test bed on passive and active optical networks replicating a regional-metro-access segment up to 1Gbps with OXC, Core and Edge routers. A 1Gbps FSO test bed on the EUR district as well as several optical labs where is possible to test and perform experimental activities up to 40 Gbps.

In the last years Division II personnel has been and is up to now involved in several European projects and actions focused on broadband communications, infrastructures and devices as COST IC1101, COST MP0702, COST 291, COST 266, COST 218, COST 246, COST 270, ACTS-ESTHER, FP5 IST ATLAS, FP6 NoE ePhotonOne+, FP7 BONE, FP7 SARDANA, FP7 ISITEP. ISCOM is member of International Standardization Bodies as ITU, IEC, ETSI, etc.